Luke Sabis

On the Set of Ghost Tenant

Some pictures from the short film production, Ghost Tenant...

The Undertakes on Ghost Tenant

Directing the "Undertakers" Erik A. Williams (left) and Ryan Karloff.


Ghost Tenant with Ann Benson Charles Gorgano

Luke Sabis with Charles Gorgano and Ann Benson in Ghost Tenant.


Duane Shepard Luke Sabis Ghost Tenant

Luke Sabis with Duane Shepard.


Ghost Tenant directing Ned and the Undertakers

Luke Sabis on the set of Ghost Tenant with Ned, (Charles Gorgano)
and the Undertakers, (Ryan Karloff, Erik A. Williams.)


On the Set of Missing Child

Some pictures from Missing Child, Luke's feature film directing debut.

On the set of Missing Child Luke Sabis

Luke discusses the shot with D.P. Francisco Bulgarelli.


Director Luke Sabis

Behind the scenes of Missing Child.


Luke Sabis watching Charles Gorgano

Charles Gorgano on the monitor.


Luke Sabis on the set of Missing Child

Luke going over the shot with Kelly Gallamore, Camera Operator.


Kristen Ruhlin and Luke Sabis discuss Missing Child lines

Running lines with Kristen Ruhlin. Luke also acted in the film, playing the role of Joe Phelan.


Luke Sabis Missing Child

Missing Child - Behind the scenes.


Location Scouting for Missing Child

Location scouting.


Luke Sabis with Charles Gorgano Kristen Ruhlin Missing Child

Discussing the scene with Charles Gorgano and Kristen Ruhlin.


Missing Child poster