Luke Sabis


Height: 6'
Weight: 185
Hair: Light Brown
Eyes: Blue

                   FILM & TELEVISION

                      Cleaver's Destiny                               Lead                               Karl Lentini, Dir.

                      Rain                                                   Lead                               Veena Cabreros, Dir.

                      Still                                                    Supporting                      We Ding Ho, Dir.

                      Soldier's Bride                                   Supporting                      Vilka Tzouras, Dir.

                      Missing Child                                     Lead                               Luke Sabis, Dir.

                      America's Most Wanted                     Lead                               Fox

                      General Hospital                                U5                                  ABC



                      The Vigil                                            Private Lucius                 The Complex Theatre

                      Ma!                                                    Vinnie                              Gene Bua Theatre

                      Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde                     Dr. Jekyll                        Curan Rep. Company (NY)

                      Uncle Vanya                                      Astrov                             Curan Rep. Company (NY)

                      The Caravan                                     Sgt. Avery                       Curan Rep. Company (NY)

                      The Dwarfs                                        Len                                 The Theatre Studio (NY)



                      Sam Christensen Studios                  Acting - Sam Christensen

                      Howard Fine Studio                           Technique - Howard Fine

                      The Groundlings                                Karen Maruyama, Roy Jenkins

                      Doug Warhit                                       Cold Reading/Scene Study

                      HB Studio (NY)                                  Scene Study - William Hickey, Rose Arrick

                                                                                 Speech - Lenore Harris

                      The New School                                 Technique - Andrew Palmer



                      Basketball, Bicycle Riding, Running, Weight Lifting              

                      Motorcycle License, Firearms Expert

                      Guitarist, (Acoustic/Electric) Rock n' Roll Vocalist

                      Licensed Massage Therapist

                      Dialects: General American, New York City, (Queens)


Missing Child poster