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Article by Entertainment Writer, Paul Booth

...This movie was brilliant. Missing Child is a film that managed to avoid every cliche that came in its path. In an excellent script, with well drawn out characters, the audience is never cheated. The well-paced editing and precision of the directing keeps you intrigued as the film spends 2/3rd’s of the running time in one room (one house). This is a very hard technique, that very few independent films pull off...

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By Debbie Lynn Elias

Making its world premiere at the Boston International Film Festival, as well as marking the directorial debut of writer/actor Luke Sabis, is MISSING CHILD. In short, MISSING CHILD is not to be missed at Boston or anywhere else on the festival circuit. It is a film of which distributors should sit up and take notice as MISSING CHILD shines bright in the indie world...

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